Bulbs I Forgot

I was given some flower bulbs about 4 years ago. They were nicely dried and placed in shoe boxes for me. I had good intentions for these bulbs. I thought how wonderful they would look in the front of the house in the spring.

Well, like I have said before, I am not the best gardener.

These have sat in a shoe box for 4 years. Do you know what bulbs look like after four years of sitting in a shoe box? Not like that picture at the top of the page for sure.

So…… What did I have the kids do last week? Plant them, of course.

Those kids laughed at me and said that nothing is going to grow from these dried up, hollow, gross bulbs. Maybe but might as well try is my thought. They had just planted some bulbs for a friend of ours a few weekends before this so they knew what they were doing. They laughed the entire time. Pretty sure it was at my idea and not because it was fun to plant them.

We will see… to be continued.

What do you think? Do you think they will come up in the spring?

Happy Gardening!