My favorite PLANTS: Dreaming of Spring in Vermont


It is VERY cold here and I am trying to think of gardening plans for spring but it is very difficult. To see past that snow and ice covered garden bed into the the beautiful spring and lively little shoots that will be coming up. So, I will instead write about my favorite plants to grow here in Vermont and why I enjoy them so much.


One of my favorite plants is the Yellow Baby Bear Pear tomato. This is a great variety for here in Vermont. These come up so much faster than the regular beefsteak tomatoes and are sweet and pop in your mouth fresh. Oh man, they are so good. We start them inside around the end of January or beginning of February. Sooo, in December it’s just the thought of these that I have to dream about.


Another awesome favorite I have and that does really well here up north is the Long Variety Purple Pole Bean. These are about 8-10″ long and are fairly quick to harvest. It is so fun to go out and grab a handful of these and snack on them while planting the tomatoes in the garden. Digging a hole, take a bite, add liquid fertilizer and water, take a few bites, add the tomato plant, take a bite, fill in the hole, nibble again, and add cut grass clippings for mulch. YUM, these are easy to plant as soon as the ground is warmish and so yummy and healthy for the kids to grab for a snack in the morning. Looking at waiting till April to plant these… oh well, guess we can dream.


Oh yes, these are just so beautiful when we dig them up they must be on my list of favorites. Easter Egg Radishes are loved by my family and I love the look of theme but can pass on the taste of a radish… They always do very well in our garden. These love our cold springs and do better when the nights stay cool. Last spring we had a very warm April and May and radishes did not do as well, it got to warm too fast.


The children love to take care of planting and harvesting (eating) these. Edible Pod Peas, or Sugar Peas are fun for even the youngest of the family. They are fun to plant and fun to watch grow and of course fun to eat. We have a small garden raised bed box that the children use to plant these each year. The dirt in the ox came from a friends house when she was digging out for a culvert under her driveway. Peas don’t seem to care how “good” the soil is BUT they do care that the soil is cool, man we had one year that we planted them too late and it was a pile of mushy seeds and a couple very poor producing plants.

This post is sure making me long for spring. Seeing the kids hunting for the peas. This year we also had peas and Morning Glory’s planted together. They followed each other up the front porch and were lovely and yummy at the same time.


Last but not least I will talk about our best producer of all the ordinary Potato. Doesn’t matter if we buy weed potatoes, or if we plant them in the lawn, or if we remember to water them; these will grow and produce a huge harvest with so little work. Potatoes are a staple in our house. Trying to fill the belly’s of 4 growing teenagers and 2 more younger kids is not easy but potatoes sure do the trick.

Well, I guess that is all. What is your favorite garden plant?


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